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Monthly Meetings

Second Thursday of each month.

TIME: 6:30PM

PLACE: Lakeland Union High School

room 148with Stadium Seating!!!



Next meeting - JANUARY 10th


Bill will be giving away some software to registered MUGers.



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Next Meeting Agenda:

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Another meeting FEBRUARY 14, 2013

Pick up your membership card at the meeting!!

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Computer Repair Boca Raton

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iMacs released but shipping is very slow and delayed!!

Mountain Lion is now 10.8.3

Retina Macbook pro 15in. and 13in

Retina display, add USB 3.0, Solid State Drives

No CD/DVD Drive, larger battery and the new Intel processors.


Please call me if you have any questions.

Greg - 356-1999



Local Announcements

Visitor traffic decreasing, Internet speeds increasing. Yeah !!

New tower being erected in Woodruff. Anyone know what services it will provide?